things can only get worse from here

by the caulfield cult

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recorded jan-feb 2013
don't shoot the messenger (uk)/rooftop records (us)


released June 4, 2013

engineered by leonard soosay and martin kong @ snakeweed studios, singapore
mixed by leonard soosay
mastered by ed hall @ blue fields recordings, blackburn, uk

nick prasat kumar - vocals/guitar
brian chiong - bass/vocals
skinny - guitar
darren ong - drums



all rights reserved
Track Name: phony
around me, people that come and go, not sorry they've got their knives to my throat.
the cuts healed, but scars will always show that im breathing, alive to know im alone.
and it killed me, what you did and now i am wasted.
faces passing by me, empty like this evening's ghosts. hiding at the places, from their souls, that death wont know.
all i've got is not what i've asked for

and on the night he died, i slept in the garage and i broke all the god damn windows with my fists, just for the hell of it
Track Name: everything we ever did
another year, things can only get worse from here. another day, counting every breath i take without thinking of
everything we ever did, nothing will come from it. sometimes things just turn into a cold and sad make-believe.
another night, where can i hide you this time? another scene, deep underground or at the bottom of the sea.
where can i hide you this time?
Track Name: great scott
nine pm, the cold has gotten to my feet. letters wrote but never sent.
the only mistake i made was caring, i should have long let go and left.
hours spent inside my head, remembering all that i've read.
slowly biting at my veins and then my blood turns cold again.
knowing that we're still broken, i can't sleep tonight, i just can't sleep tonight
Track Name: drought
i've been stuck in this drought for so long, i can't remember a day when the weather worked out for me. cos the last time it rained, it poured.
and im not sure if i'd rather hurt or feel nothing at all.
i've been stuck in this drought for so long, i've been holding back from me.
Track Name: etched
no, i wont cry the day my brother days. i'll lay in bed scratching out both my eyes.
im sorry mom, i know how hard you've tried. its best we moved on, this man is dead inside.

where do i sleep tonight? with ghosts etched in my mind, you got me through again, but i wont be coming home tonight.
where do i sleep tonight? i've lost my mind. you got me through again, but i wont be coming home tonight.

this concrete floor, my only resting place where i lay my head, before these empty graves. i dug for days.

im not coming home
Track Name: you are good
i've got a mouth like a sailor and you have hands like a thief cos i've seen you around snatching the hearts that you keep and you bury them so deep, your victims won't even find after losing their fingernails to the roughs of the soil, you are good.
and now im wandering around with a hollowed chest, i still breathe but my shirt seems to be stained crimson-red. i don't remember everything but i will never forget your pretty face and the touch of your softest skin before a knife hit my back.
at least tell me i am better than the rest, that you enjoyed it most trying to steal my last breath and it goes
Track Name: nothing works out in the end
im never where i need to be, still sore from my last defeat. still stuck here in my own belief that i wont amount to anything, nothing works out in the end.
im afraid of growing older, afraid of being incomplete. still stuck here in my misery. i wont amount to anything, nothing works out in the end, i know i'll fail again.
i need a break but this town is a mistake.
Track Name: pockets
there are holes in my pockets and holes in my hands.
there's no where to go but down from here.
and as the floor caves in and i see what's beneath, i can only surrender to it.
feed my addiction and cure my heartache, another smoke to slow things down but time won't wait.