up and atom​/​the caulfield cult split

by the caulfield cult

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2014 romantic nobita records/soup based records


released April 3, 2014

nick prasat kumar - vocals/guitar
brian chiong - bass/vocals
skinny - guitar
syahadi samad - drums

lyrics by nick prasat kumar
music by the caulfield cult
art by feroze mcleod
recorded and mixed by steve ho in his apartment
(drums at lithe paralogue studio)
mastered by john naclerio at nada recording studio, new york



all rights reserved
Track Name: achilles heel
spill my teeth out on the floor.
my insides, you can't assure to be intact while you're gone.
a tub of ice but im still sore.
at least you left a needle and some thread.
i guess i'll have to stitch myself again.
take me back to when i could still be dead,
now im left to be something less than being.
Track Name: made of stone
take away the saddest things that are in my head and maybe i can be the promising kid you saw in me, but i doubt it cos i have yet to see me digging myself out of this hole
it must be hard to make you proud when i have yet to even please myself. my whining, it annoys me too, i finally know how you must feel those nights spent listening about everything i hate.
cut me open, see if i am made of stone, it will explain a lot.
make sure your knife is deep enough to sever all my vital veins and thoughts.