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by the caulfield cult

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released November 3, 2015

nicholas wong - guitar, vocals
brian chiong - bass, backing vocals
andrew koh - drums (marwood)
syahadi samad - drums (withnail)

recorded at lithe paralogue on november 2014 & may 2015
mixed by nicholas wong
mastered by jesse cannon



all rights reserved
Track Name: marwood
I've returned back down to earth after trying to catch those stars for years.
The clouds are hollow, my hands still empty, the sky never wanted me.

I thought I would not ever die, I thought I won't ever grow old but now I'm trying to make it home again, I'm trying to make it home.

I know I'll always hate this place and everywhere else I have been.
I'm starting to think it's not the space around me but the person that I am.
I know I'll always hate myself more than I hate everyone else.
I know my failure wasn't anyone's fault, I can only blame myself.
Track Name: withnail
Well, it's time go but my road is forked and I've got rocks tied to my feet.
Well, it's time to go but I'm sure you're fine here, not moving along with me.

It's easier to weigh my conscience with my pain, I'll wait for you to find me.
It's easier to wait still and quiet in the rain, I'll wait for you to get me.

Well, we finally know that we're not the same just as we are with everyone else.
The wheels are in motion but i realised the brakes are cut.